Market Research

Together with the customer, we determine the criteria for finding information and then conduct a comprehensive study of the foreign or domestic market – analysis of the current situation in the supply and consumption of certain types of products (services), identifying promising trends (market niches) and possible threats in terms of changes in the level of consumption, determining the main groups of consumers and the specifics of demand on their part (volume, seasonality, solvency), the degree of competition from national producers and foreign companies present on the market, etc. As a part of the study, the main manufacturers, distributors, their supply chains, etc. are studied, if necessary, commercial (price) offers are collected and systematized, a comprehensive analysis of foreign trade statistics with elements of benchmarking for the main competitors is carried out, including the analysis of their price and advertising strategies, promotion infrastructure, assortment saturation, SWOT analysis, etc.

Who orders this service:

  • business entities of the Republic of Belarus planning to export products to new unexplored markets of foreign countries;
  • business entities of the Republic of Belarus conducting an in-depth analysis of the situation on the domestic market of the country in specific product niches (analysis of importers, representatives of foreign manufacturers and their sales organizations, etc.);
  • foreign business entities interested in entering the Belarusian market with new products or increasing the volume of supplies through existing or new sales channels./li>