Register of Bona Fide Partners is an up-to-date database of Belarusian business entities that have successfully proven themselves in business. Both domestic and foreign enterprises, when choosing partners from among Belarusian business entities, often turn to the BelCCI to obtain more detailed information about a potential counterparty, requesting to provide information on the trustworthiness of a particular business entity, its registration status and the nature of its entrepreneurial activity, as well as on the availability of a database of good-faith business entities in the Republic of Belarus.

As international practice shows, such databases - registers of bona fide partners - are maintained by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, European Union countries, but in Belarus until now such registers have not been created and the search for information on the subject was restricted to the analysis of information from various sources, including government registers etc.

Since January 2020, the BelCCI has launched a register of business entities of the Republic of Belarus, the available official information about which testifies to their bona fide as partners in entrepreneurial activities in the domestic market and abroad, which is called the Register of Bona Fide Partners.

The Register will simplify the task of choosing a partner for foreign companies that plan to do business with a Belarusian counterparty. For domestic economic entities that effect export operations, inclusion in the register will become an additional competitive advantage

  • Available only for the BelCCI members
  • Free of charge
  • Minimum set of documents to be submitted
  • Confirms bona fide for counterparties
  • Strengthens a positive reputation in new markets and enhances competitiveness
  • Facilitates the promotion of goods, works, services, and intellectual property assets
1 Read the Regulation on the Register
Read the Regulation on the Register 1 The Regulation establishes the conditions for inclusion in the Register, the procedure and terms for making a decision on inclusion in the Register, etc.
2 Submit documents
Submit documents 2 To be included in the Register, a business entity has to submit to the BelCCI only an application and a questionnaire. Submission of documents in digital form can be done with the "Submit documents” button.
3 Get a certificate
Get a certificate 3 The certificate of inclusion in the register is valid for 1 year. To extend the validity of the certificate for each subsequent year, a business entity shall, no later than 15 working days before the expiration of the certificate, send to the BelCCI an application for extension and an updated questionnaire. Submission of documents in digital form can be done with the "Submit documents” button.

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