Terms of participation in B2B Premium Club

Only the BelCCI members can become members of the B2B Premium Club.

Participation in the partner program is free of charge.

Participants may determine the size and duration of the discount at their own discretion.

In order to join the B2B Premium Club and post information about a product or service at a discount, the BelCCI members are to fill in an application form, where the following is required to be indicated:

  • the description of the discounted goods and/or services;
  • the discount amount/offer description;
  • the validity period of the discount/special offer.

Only the BelCCI members are eligible for the discount. Check the BelCCI membership here.

A detailed program description and participation conditions are set out in the Regulation on the B2B Premium Club.

Information on the participants is:

  • posted on the official website of the BelCCI;
  • published in Mercury Newsletter;
  • distributed in the form of promotion materials (booklets, catalogues, leaflets, flyers) in the offices of the BelCCI and its enterprises, during the events of the BelCCI and its enterprises.


  • promotion of goods, works and services among the BelCCI members by providing discounts;
  • use of information support tools of the BelCCI;
  • posting information about participation in the B2B Premium Club on own website, in other information sources;
  • participation in the events held by the BelCCI within the program.