It was in 2017 when for the first time the Council of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry approved a unique document – the BelCCI Strategic Development Plan 2020. While drafting the plan, we intended to give a new impetus to our activities, not just keeping up with the times, but being one step ahead. We set ambitious targets to strengthen the Chamber’s role in supporting the national export and expanding the range of opportunities for domestic member-companies and organizations.

The 2020 strategic plan implementation results were approved by the BelCCI Congress, which, in turn, instructed to work out a new document for the period until 2023.

The four priorities defined in this plan constitute the key growth directions and main expectations of our members from the BelCCI. We would like to thank all of you for your participation in drafting this document. We will do our very best to achieve the goals set, thus strengthening our contribution to the prosperity of Belarus.


Our key mission

Priority areas:

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  • The focus is on exploring new export opportunities, expanding export geography with a closer look at the "Far Arc" countries. To this end:
    - гadvanced country-, industry- and product-specific analytical and marketing research is prepared;
    - international trading platforms are widely used.
  • Effective interaction with the heads of public institutions responsible for cooperation with specific countries and regions is ensured.
  • The network of BelCCI representatives is expanded focusing on the countries with no Belarusian diplomatic missions on their territories.
  • The Committee on Export Development and Foreign Economic Integration is established.
  • From "Export School" to "Export Academy". A system of business education in foreign economic activity is set up and extensively introduced, including:
    - state standard training courses for senior managers and staff members;
    - annual complimentary business course for Chamber members;
    - country and sectoral seminars on export development;
    - regional training activities, primarily in the cities of accelerated socio-economic development;
    - corporate training;
    - digital technologies, e-training, online streaming and webinars;
    - national students' contest in the field of export development.


Foreign economic activity agenda

Priority areas:


  • The BelCCI is collecting and analyzing business proposals on foreign economic activities, optimization of business environment and investment climate:
    - for public authorities;
    - for EAEU public agencies in close cooperation with the chambers of commerce and industry of the EAEU countries.
  • Business cooperation councils become a key tool for shaping bilateral business agenda.
  • Business meetings with heads and representatives of public authorities, as well as local executive and administrative bodies are organized on a regular basis.
  • On-site meetings with business are held.
  • Sector committees are established for consideration and discussion of business proposals.
  • The regulatory impact of legal acts in the sphere of foreign economic activity is being assessed.


Extensive national brand support

Priority areas:

  • Unique exhibitions and expositions of domestic producers are held under the brands Made in Belarus, Intellectual Belarus, Belarus – the Taste of Nature, Belarus – the Spirit of Comfort.
  • Export missions are actively introduced. It is a new exhibition organization concept, including host country marketing research, preliminary studies on advanced business partner search and business negotiations.
  • Virtual exhibitions are held.
  • Multilevel competence development system is introduced to advance the exhibitors’ skills and increase the efficiency of participation in exhibitions.
  • Belarusian brands are protected against unfair competition in foreign markets. Verification of export objects patent clearance is carried out.
  • New forms and types of documents are issued:
    - certificates of origin within the scope of free trade agreements concluded between the EAEU Member States and third countries;
    - statements on jointly produced goods within the scope of agreements between the EAEU Member States.
  • Register of reliable partners becomes an important tool to increase competitiveness of Belarusian producers.


Online 24/7 and worldwide

Priority areas:

  • BelCCI member area provides a unique possibility of e-communication with the Chamber:
    - online membership application;
    - services are available online with the ability to track implementation process, implementation results are executed with an electronic digital signature;
    - online expert database in the field of foreign economic activity;
    - e-versions of "Belarus. Business Partner" and "Belarusian Exporters" reference and information editions, as well as "Mercury" quarterly newsletter;
    - possibility of online participation in streaming events.
  • New electronic platforms for establishing business contacts of Belarusian enterprises with foreign partners are built.
  • BelCCI content is at the top of search engine results as regards foreign economic activity. /li>
  • New framework is put in place to simplify and fast-track the civil rights objects appraisal.
  • Intellectual property online marketplace and depositing e-database are established.