Textile that works

№ 2, 2023

OJSC "Mogotex" is one of the most popular and in-demand textile brands in Belarus, widely known beyond the borders of the country. The company's authority is based on its long history and the traditions of textile production, coupled with timely technical modernization, the development of innovative products, and keeping in pace with technological and latest global trends.

The enterprise produces fabrics for clothing and interior, knitwear, special and uniform clothing, home and technical textiles. Recently, innovative fabrics for the uniforms of law enforcement agencies have become partucularly demanded. There are increased requirements for this range of products – from appearance to functional properties.


Half a century of success

This year, the enterprise celebrates its 50th anniversary. Every development stage over this period has been significant and future-defining. The modern production of Mogotex OJSC grew out of the Mogilev Silk Fabrics Factory. Today, the company's production capacities include spinning, weaving, finishing, and sewing factories in Mogilev, a sewing production site in Bykhov, sewing factories in Polotsk and Kobrin. The key to Mogotex's success is continuous modernization, the expansion of production capacity and product range.

Moving forward

The team of highly skilled specialists does not rest on the laurels, which ensures that the company improves its economic indicators year after year. For example, in 2022, 22.5 million meters of fabrics were produced, which is 6.5 percent more than in 2021. The growth rate of the company's pro­ducts was about 160 million rubles, or almost 154 percent compared to the level of 2021. The sales revenue amounted to 174 million rubles, which is more than 161 percent higher than in the previous period. The profit from product sales reached 27 million rubles, and the sales profitability was 14.7 percent.


The modernization carried out in 2017–2020 had also contributed to the achievement of the main production indicators, which had resulted in 43 million rubles mastering. Thanks to the regional and republican investment funds, the enterprise acquired high-performance equipment that ensures the competitiveness in the modern market even under the difficult conditions of sanction pressure. Such extensive production capabilities allow the enterprise to work proactively, maintaining its leading positions in the industry and thereby selling its products to neighbouring and far abroad countries, and increasing export indicators year by year.

Sales markets and export geography

In 2022, there was more than 50 percent increase in the exports of OJSC "Mogotex" compared to 2021. Despite all economic restrictions and sanction policies, the company's products remain sought-after abroad. Today, the enterprise supplies its products to more than 10 countries worldwide. The main export market for "Mogotex" brand is the Russian Federation, which accounts for 89 percent of the total exports. The second largest market is formed by the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, namely Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The share of these states in the total amount of foreign supplies is 9.8 percent. The list of the countries that import the company's fabrics and finished products also include Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Lithuania.

Development vector

"Mogotex" sells its products through the well-established network of distributors that is not limited to domestic market. In Belarus, there is a joint venture, OJSC "Mogotex-Service," located in Minsk, and a storage warehouse in Grodno. Foreign sales are carried out through a wide dealer network consisting of 15 entities, with 10 of them being located in Russia.


   Modern conditions have contribu­ted to the dynamic growth of online trading. The company's products are represented on several major e-commerce platforms, selling home textiles produced by OJSC "Mogotex". The brand's main partners include Wildberries, Ozon – the leading Russian platform, 21vek.by, "E-delivery," and "Yandex.Market". These platforms account for about 20 percent of the company's products sales in this assortment segment. 

Prospects and growth points

The enterprise has firmly established itself in the global textile market and has no intention of slowing down its growth rates. The plans include increasing the volume of production of high-quality and competitive goods, expanding dealer relationships, and opening new retail outlets in neighbouring and far abroad regions. OJSC "Mogotex" is steadily moving forward, focusing on sustainable development, productivity improvement, and the implementation of new technical solutions and innovative approaches.