Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL: reliable materials for quality construction

№ 3, 2022

Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC, located in the city of Osipovichi, Mogilev Region, has been present in the Belarusian construction industry for more than 50 years manufacturing quality roofing, waterproofing and heat-insulating materials, as well as bitumen, mastics and prime coatings. High quality of the manufactured products, a well-considered pricing policy and a high level of client service have won great popularity for TechnoNICOL's materials among the consumers both in Belarus and far abroad.


For more than half a century of its existence, the roofing plant (founded in 1967) has gone a long path of development, and today is the leader in manufacturing a wide range of quality materials used in construction and repair of industrial facilities and residential property. The company's successful development has been guaranteed by ongoing work in the sphere of research and development of modern commercially successful materials, as well as permanent activity on renewal of production facilities, installation and commissioning of new production lines, manufacturing sites and departments, enhancement of technological and working processes for obtaining quality competitive products.

To date, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC manufactures more than five hundred different products – roofing and waterproofing materials of various useful lifetimes. Both test results and experience in the use of materials manufactured by the company confirm their reliability and durability.

The company's products include cold and hot mastics used for mounting, waterproofing and repair of roofing, prime coatings for priming of bases, bitumen, as well as road construction materials. Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC provides a wide range of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) grades for insulation of buildings and structures. The products are manufactured on high-tech equipment with a capacity of 350 thousand cubic meters per year with the use of modern technologies.

The company's products meet the highest international standards, which is proven by various certificates valued both in our country and abroad. Thus, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC is a holder of Compliance Certificate No. BY/112 00095 which confirms that the quality management system applied to development and production of roll roofing and waterproofing materials on bitumen and polymeric-bitumen binder, mastics and prime coatings, modified road bitumen, extruded polystyrene foam boards complies with the requirements of the Standard of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2015. The company's own test laboratory is fitted with modern equipment and devices for control of qualitative parameters of the manufactured products and corresponds to the requirements of the standard STB ISO/IEC 17025-2019 which is proved by the Accreditation Certificate No. BY/112 2.0006 dated July 9, 1993.

Apart from that, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC holds a certificate of compliance of its production control system with the requirements of EN 13707:2004+A2:2009 since 2011 and a certificate of compliance of its production control system with the requirements of EN 13969:2004+A1:2006 since 2013. The documents have been issued by the competent authority of the Czech Republic – Institut pro testování a sertifikaci, a.s.

Since 2016, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC is included into the register of Authorized Economic Operators which is confirmed by the first grade certificate issued to the company. In 2017, the plant was registered as a resident of the free economic zone FEZ Mogilev, which also increases the competitiveness due to application of subsidies and reduction of production cost.

All the above certificates and possibilities allowed raising the status of Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC and promoted further development of the company's export potential, increase of the portion of manufactured and realized products and maintaining the position of a reliable supplier at the export markets. More than 60 percent of all the plant's products are exported – to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Great Britain, Singapore, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova.

Multimodal supplies of prime coatings in South-East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines) in 2018 became a special accomplishment in broadening the export geography, as well as first supplies to Albania in 2019.

In 2020, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC performed first shipments of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) to the Australian market, as well as multimodal supplies of roofing materials to a large network of hypermarkets in Great Britain – all this due to concerted and professional efforts of the company's team.

In 2021, export of TechnoNICOL's products in monetary terms amounted to 146 percent as compared to 2019, which confirms the company's high growth rates of foreign shipments for the past several years. The title of the winner of the republic's contest "Best Exporter of 2021" has become the well deserved result of such activity.

For export market, Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC manufactures the line of specialized materials which meet European standards and clients' requirements. The Private label materials with their colorful package and label for shipments into the DIY networks, as well as specialized materials on combination base (glass-fiber mat + aluminized foil) for compliance with radiation safety requirements to construction structures and assortment of cut materials with different variants of width for ease of use and zero waste application are especially popular among the European customers.

In their activity, the employees of Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL FLLC are guided by the principles of expertise, high professionalism, commitment and industrial safety, allowing the company to reach high financial and economic parameters and implement the boldest projects. The plant aims for steady development and new success horizons in the future.