Konus Plant, 10 years of successful work

№ 3, 2022


Andrei Zhamoida, CEO of the State Enterprise Konus of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization, speaks about the company's unique service, its key achievements over 10 years, the team and the plans for the future

Тhe hot-dip galvanizing plant in Lida is a young company. 10 years ago, on the initiative of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a modern production facili­ty was established within the shortest possible period of time to implement the import substitution project on hot-dip galvanizing of large-sized metal structures.

A closely-knit team, excellent working conditions, success in the industrial and social sphere, recognition in the Belarusian market and abroad, the "Best Goods of the Republic of ­Belarus" contest laureate title and the Republic of Belarus Government Award for quality achievements, entering on the Board of Honor of the National Academy of Sciences of ­Belarus, the "Best ­Exporter 2021" contest diploma – these are the achievements with which the innovative Republican Subsidiary ­Unitary ­Production Enterprise Konus of the Republican Unitary Enterprise ­Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of ­Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization has come to its tenth anniversary this year. Utilizing hot-dip galvanizing technology, it prolongs the life of metal structures at least up to 50 years.

Andrei Zhamoida: "The main purpose of the company start-up was import substitution and the urgent need for introducting the anti-corrosion protection of metal structures by hot-dip galvanizing for the needs of construction, energy, road engineering, agriculture, communication services, utilities – in short, for the economy of the country as a whole. Not only have we replaced the expensive import services for the domestic customer, but have also become an export-oriented company."

Thanks to its high-quality performance over the past 10 years, the company has firmly established itself in ­the Belarusian and Russian markets. However, it is not going to rest on the laurels and is continuously modernizing its production, introducing the latest technologies and cooperating closely with the National Academy of Sciences of ­Belarus.

At the end of the last year, a passivation bath was put into operation at the plant. After galvanizing, the products are dipped into a special solution, which allows to improve coating resistance, maintain attractive appearance, color and gloss for an extended period of time. 


Speaking about plans for the future, Andrei Zhamoida says: "One of the mainstreams for the future is galvanizing of small parts by thermal diffusion. The project has been developed in cooperation with the Belarusian National Technical University and the National Academy of Sciences. This line will be similar to the existing one, but smaller in size. Many clients bring us not only large parts, but also small ones – both in size and weight, as small as a kilo. There are very few such plants in the former Soviet Union area, and there exists a demand for them in ­Belarus, Russia, and other countries."

The equipment by the Italian manufacturer has been installed at the plant, which is characterized by the best indicators in terms of operational procedures and environmental safety performance. And the heart of the plant there is one of the largest baths in Europe which contains more than 600 tons of molten  zinc.

From today's perspective, it is essential to upgrade and improve manufacturing processes with a focus on import substitution. The engineering service of the enterprise under the supervision of the chief engineer Vadzim Anatska is constantly looking for ways out of import dependence, which has already allowed to replace some of the equipment with domestic machines. Additionally, three years ago the company's engineers developed a project for chemical pre-treatment department housing, which allowed to replace original materials with more durable ones; further, they implemented their design into production, received a patent and thus avoided the need to purchase import components.

Andrei Zhamoida provides another example: "The plant has 15 acid baths with imported equipment for process neutralization and regeneration. All filters and consumables are a costly affair. As a result of the close collaboration of the company's engineers with Belarusian scientists, it has become possible not only to avoid purchase of the components, but also to develop a technical specification that allows obtaining finished products from waste. Today, we produce coagu­lant from waste pickle liquor to be used in tanneries."

11_04_95.jpg 11_06_95.jpg

The rainwater is used to fill the baths for metal structures pre-treatment before galvanizing. Even the dross collected from the surface of the galvanizing bath is sold as well. Waste paper, plastic, hard zinc – everything is used to make a profit.

Technologies, equipment, developments – all these undoubtedly con­tribute to success. At the same time, as the head of the company states, the main component of effective performance is the team of professionals.

"Our staff are the core value of Konus, our success depends on them," Andrei Zhamoida is convinced. "Our team is close-knit, united, acting like a single fist. Employees show their personal responsibility for the business and feel real care of them. Respectable salary, excellent recruitment package, work uniform, medical insurance, social insurance against industrial accidents, life insurance, joint holidays. The company also supports employees in case of long-term illness and in hardships. Together we are involved in charity.

I am convinced that the economy should have a human face and be subordinated to the essential goal which is concern for people's well-being. We are a socially oriented company, everything here is intended for a person. Otherwise, what is the point of success, victories and achievements if they do not make the company's team and their families happy?!"

State Enterprise Konus – Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plant sees its mission in providing services with guaranteed high quality as the highest priority in its activities, satisfying consumer requirements, strengthening the material and technical base and improving the material well-being of the company's employees.

"Anti-corrosion protection for ever and ever" is the motto of Konus. We work to extend metal structures service life ­saving our customers' time and money," Andrei Zhamoida notes. "Our blueprint for the future is to become a flagship in this field not only in Belarus, but in Russia and other foreign countries through the introduction of advanced technologies."