Headings of the publication "Belarus. Business Partner"

Republic of Belarus

  • General information

  • Population

  • Sights

  • Visa requirements

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Foreign trade


  • Banking system

  • Machine-building industry

  • Metal industry

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • Consumer goods industry

  • Woodworking industry

  • Food industry

  • Agriculture

  • Transport and logistics

  • Energy industry

  • Health care

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • IT

Potential of the regions

  • Brest region

  • Vitebsk region

  • Gomel region

  • Grodno region

  • Minsk region

  • Mogilev region

  • Minsk


  • Doing Business 2020

  • Why Belarus is the best place for investing?

  • Preferential regimes

Main issues regarding business setting up

Useful information


Types of publication

Interactive scheme of the page with an indication of the template type and place, its price and size identical to the template for Belarusian Exporters. The support sheet shall be the pages of Belarus. Business Partner.