Improving the skills of employees is a way to increase the competitiveness of the company

№ 4, 2022

Assistance to Belarusian enterprises in increasing their export potential and competitiveness through information and educational support is among the priority tasks of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Actively involved in implementing these tasks, the Business Training Center of the BelCCI has passed the state accreditation, obtaining a certificate for the right to carry out educational activities in the field of advanced training for managers and specialists with the issuance of a state certificate. It confirmed the ability of the unitary enterprise "Business Training Center" to implement educational programs for advanced training based on a previously issued license. It is a significant contribution to the promotion of Belarusian products and services in foreign markets.

Implementing educational projects of the BelCCI has shown that in modern conditions, enterprises need to obtain up-to-date information on foreign economic activity, expand sales markets and promote goods to more promising regions. Managers and specialists of export-oriented enterprises are interested in highly specialized advanced training programs taught by practitioners based on real cases.

In this regard, when developing our programs, it was of fundamental importance that they have a specific practical focus, meaning that after completing the training the students should not just receive a certificate but improve their existing knowledge and supplement it with modern and new techniques and approaches. So that later, returning to their enterprises, they could apply the acquired knowledge in practice and introduce new methods to the team's work.

Thus, we got new and unique advanced training programs that the Business Training Center began to implement in September 2022. They cover all the changes and latest trends in the modern market.

The teaching staff is also unique. These are active professional practitioners, owners of successful businesses, diplomats, and leading specialists of large Belarusian enterprises with world market success.

Advanced training programs of the Business Training Center are "Export to China in Practice", "Export Contract", "Ensuring the Security of Export Activities", "Traditional and Digital Tools for Export Promotion", "Business Etiquette and Protocol", and "Eurasian Economic Union – New Business Opportunities". 


Let's brief on each of them.

As part of the educational program "Export to China in Practice", specific issues of exporting goods and services to the Chinese market, forms of presence in this market, taxation of foreign companies and methods for checking the reliability of Chinese partners, ways of preparing products and adapting a brand for the Chinese market are considered. Students receive practical knowledge in foreign economic activity, considering the national mentality. Teachers speak of the specifics of drawing up an export contract and a commercial offer with Chinese partners and teach how to protect a brand from copying. Within the program, we also consider the optimal ways of deliver­ing Belarusian goods to the Chinese market.

Students of the educational program "Export Contract" consider the issues of choosing a type of export contract, the nuances that must be taken into account when concluding it, the ways to minimize the risks of an export transaction in the event of disputes with a counterparty, and some features of working with foreign law. Course participants also learn the specifics and advantages of international commercial arbitration and dispute resolution procedures wthin the International Arbitration Court at the BelCCI. Particular attention is paid to the primary conditions of Incoterms 2020.

The program "Ensuring the Safety of Export Activities" allows students to take a deeper look at the features of the legal regulation of foreign economic activity, particularly international arbitration and the drafting of arbitration clauses. Trainees study the issues of neutralizing financial and currency risks and ways to eliminate the factors that affect receivables formation.

Within the advanced training program "Traditional and Digital Tools for Export Promotion", participants learn the optimal choice of an export promotion strategy and modern approaches to organizing online sales. We present electronic trading platforms and modern digital marketing tools. In addition, trainees analyze the specifics of working with foreign dealers, tools for building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with distributors and successfully developing commodity distribution networks.

The program "Business Etiquette and Protocol" covers modern rules of official and business communication. Close attention is paid to the protocol of welcoming delegations, cross-cultural communication with foreign partners and the rules of negotiation while concluding an export contract. We also consider the influence of the company's corporate culture as an essential factor in the search for foreign partners.

The advanced training program "Eurasian Economic Union – New Business Opportunities" examines the economic bene­fits for domestic business from Eurasian integration, studies topical issues of forming free trade zones between the EAEU and other countries, and the functioning of the internal market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Thus, the programs cover many topics and issues relevant for enterprises. Next year it is planned to open the doors to new trainees. For its part, the Business Training Center can guarantee that programs for advanced training will be even more informative, practice-oriented and effective. The Center will develop new directions and formats of effective interaction between teachers and students, with one main goal – to provide exporters with high-quality, modern and necessary knowledge in foreign economic activity and marketing.

According to Edmond About, a French publicist, "The history of civilization can be expressed in the words: the more you know, the more you can!" These words today are the best fit for those who make Belarus a prosperous and developed country by increasing their knowledge.96_04_31.jpg  96_04_33.jpg

Feedback from listeners 

"Up-to-date information has been provided, and we discussed the main problems and difficulties of working with China" (the advanced training program "Export to China in Practice")

"I liked the training. Teachers took into account all the nuances and requests. In the course of training, lecturers gave real examples, which contributes to an even greater understanding of the topics covered" (the advanced training program "Export Contract")

"I liked the selection of lecturers and their use of practical examples" (the advanced training program "Export Contract")

"The teachers are mainly practitioners in the field of foreign trade. Speakers provided the information in a clear and comprehensive way" (advanced training program "Ensuring the Security of Export Activities")

"Very relevant course topics, successful selection of lecturers, teaching at a high theoretical and practical level, competently organized educational process" (advanced training program "Traditional and Digital Tools for Export Promotion")

"Thanks to the excellent organization of the educational process and competent speakers, I obtained invaluable knowledge and will apply it in professional activities" (advanced training program "Traditional and Digital Tools for Export Promotion")

"I liked the course. It gives up-to-date information on the stated topics. We were able to demonstrate our competencies during practical classes. I've noted teachers' high competence, professionalism, and the practical component of their activities. I liked working in groups. Many thanks to the teachers and organizers of advanced training. They are real professionals in their field. I plan to use the acquired knowledge in my work" (advanced training program "Business Etiquette and Protocol")

"Lecturers are beyond praise" (advanced training program "Business Etiquette and Protocol")

"It was an up-to-date, rich and informative program. The acquired knowledge and experience will be applicable in practical activities" (advanced training program "Business Etiquette and Protocol")