"Sosny" health resort for body and soul rest

№ 2, 2022

Vacation in Belarus has always been associated with natural environment, sense of peace and health improvement. The country is famous for the inimitable nature with picturesque highlands alternating with boundless meadows and dense forests, clear lakes and rivers interspersed with unique marshlands. The natural resources of Belarus, combined with favorable climatic conditions, are widely used for treatment and rehabilitation. Offering a wide range of medical and spa services, Belarusian health resorts are deservedly popular throughout the year.

One of the health resorts of the Gomel Region, health resort "Sosny", is ­located in a pine forest on the picturesque bank of the Pripyat River, far from the industrial zone and the city. Due to the high quality of medical services, as well as the unique natural characteristics, it can rightly be considered one of the leading health institutions of Belarus.


The health resort is a Mozyr Oil ­Refinery subdivision. The Refinery employees and their families come here every year for rehabilitation. At the same time, holiday vouchers to "Sosny" are actively purchased by other organizations seeking to improve the health of their employees, as well as by the citizens of Belarus, the CIS and far-abroad states who want to take a break from the city hustle, enjoy fresh forest air, rejuvenate and just relax.

The health resort is designed to accommodate 136 persons. Accommodation options include one-room single and double rooms, double-room suits. There is a free parking area, a sports ground with artificial turf for tennis, volleyball, basketball and mini-football, as well as a children's playground equipped in the yard. The wide comfortable stairs lead to the river and end with an observation deck with a gazebo. A well-maintained beach with sun loungers and BBQ areas with tables and canopies in the forest park area also contribute to a relaxing holiday.

There is a swimming pool, a sports hall, a gym and a dance hall, a sauna, a billiard room, a bar, free internet access and ZALA TV in every room.

The medical and two residential buildings are connected by passages, so that the health resort guests do not need to go outside to get from the residential buildings to the medical block for treatment, which is very convenient during cold seasons.

The "Sosny" resort has the first qualification category. It is a multipurpose health treatment and recreation institution. The health resort focuses on the use of healing natural factors (mineral water from own wells, silt sulfide mud from Lake Saki (the Crimea), naphthalan from the oil fields of Azerbaijan). The combination of these factors and modern equipment makes it possible to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases. Highly qualified first-­category doctors have practice at the resort; there is a dental office fitted with modern equipment and materials. Procedures can be taken from 9.00 to 21.00, as well as on weekends and holi­days. Daily pool visiting is included in the voucher.

The special pride of the health resort is its natural mineral water. Well No. 1 with a depth of 600 m brings to the surface chloride-sodium mineral water, which is used for the baths to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological and skin diseases.

Well No. 2 has a depth of 405 meters and brings the chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium water of low mineralization with an optimized content of humic acids that are natural antioxidants. The mineral water may be used for the treatment of chronic gastritis, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, liver and bile tract diseases, pancreas, urinary system and metabolism disorders, as confirmed by the balneological report. The Research Institute of the ­National Academy of Sciences has experimentally established that such water bene­ficially affects the treatment of liver disorders. The mineral water has a unique action mechanism that restores liver cells; and it has ho analogues in Belarus.

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Physiotherapeutic treatment is presented by a wide range of procedures, including mud treatment using silt sulfide mud of Lake Saki (the Crimea), naphthalan treatment, ozokerite thera­py, water treatment (mineral, salt, gas-bubble, medicated, electro-galvanic baths, Charcot shower, circular and rising douche, underwater shower massage). The health resort offers such procedures as general and local magnetotherapy, including treatment on the apparatus of general magnetotherapy "Magnitoturbotron". Patients with heel spurs, elbow epicondylites may be offered shock-wave therapy. Dry carbon dioxide baths, transcranial electrical stimulation, pneumatic compression and high-tone therapy, manual and mechanical massage, light therapy, cedar barrel mini-­sauna, cryosauna, infrared sauna, SPA procedures, herbal decoctions, oxygen cocktails, and other treatment methods and popular among the vacationers.

In the current epidemiological situation, recovery treatment of patients who have suffered from COVID-19 infection is carried out. The set of procedures is aimed at restoring the body functions affected by this disease, minimizing the risks of serious complications, preventing the development of pulmonary fibrosis, as well as strengthening immunity, increasing the tolerance to physical activity, reducing the risks of repeated illness and complications. Treatment methods are selected individually, upon consulting a doctor, taking into account medical indications and contraindications. It is possible to undergo treatment in a portable hyperbaric chamber. Half an hour spent in an oxygen-enriched environment under slight excess air pressure can be compared to two hours of full sleep. The relaxation during the procedure will enhance the treatment effect and help rejuvenate, while the treatment course will improve health. Besides, a renovated halotherapy room (salt room) is available for the health resort guests.

The vacationers get five meals a day from make-to-order menu, set in a spacious dining room. The dishes are prepared mainly from the Belarusian-origin products using modern steam convector equipment.

Welcoming atmosphere, polite staff, well-balanced healthy food, recreational procedures serve the key to a great vacation. Besides, the health resort employees are well aware of how to make the best use of the ­vacationers' time. In addition to medical procedures, the resort conducts a variety of sports activities, excursions, cultural evenings, discos, concerts with the participation of artists of the Palace of Culture of Mozyr Oil Refinery JSC and other art groups of Mozyr and Mozyr District.

Thus, all conditions have been created at the health resort for relaxation, treatment and leisure. Choosing "Sosny", each person opts for excellent service, affability and hospitality of the qualified staff, cordial communication with new friends, harmonious soul and body rest, and, of course, highly effective treatment, with an important role being played by natural healing factors. Have you plunged into the atmosphere of the health resort, you will certainly want to return!