Date: 13 - 18 Apr 2024
The country: China
Format: Business visit
Organizer: Minsk branch of the BelCCI
Start of the event: 13.04.2024 04:20:00 pm

On April 13-18, 2024 the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes a business visit of the following two leading world exhibitions: the 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou and the International Electronics Industry Exhibition “HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024” in Hong Kong (PRC).

The purpose of the visit is to establish new business contacts, get acquainted with the latest trends in technology and equipment, new products, compare product characteristics and the cost of equipment and products.

  Thematic sections:

135th Canton Fair 2024:

·   Processing machines and equipment

·   Power and electrical equipment

·   General machines and mechanical parts

·   Industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing

·   Construction equipment

·   Agricultural machinery

·   New energy vehicles and smart mobility

·   Motorcycles and bicycles

·   Vehicle spare parts

·   Electrical appliances and consumer electronics

·   Information products

·   Electronic and electrical products

·   Lighting equipment

·   New energy resources

·   New materials and chemical products

·   Hardware

·   Tools

·   Transport

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024:

·   Audio and video equipment

·   Digital electronics

·   Computer equipment

·   Components and technologies for electronics production, accessories

·   Automotive electronics

·   Household appliances and electronics

·   Security systems and communications

·   Lighting technology

·   Mobile devices, apps and mobile marketing

·   International ICT Expo

·   Cloud computing and open-source software

·   Home digital networks and multimedia

·   E-logistics and retail

·   Enterprise solutions and IT outsourcing

·   Innovative developments

·   Smartphones and tablets

·   Telecommunications, network and wireless technologies. 

Participants pay the CCI organizational fee, transport services in the PRC, accommodation according to the standards, air travel “Minsk - Moscow - Hong Kong; Guangzhou - Moscow - Minsk", interpretation services, medical insurance, entrance fees.

In a case of interest, please, register online not later than March 07, 2024. Contact phone numbers: +375 17 289 5681, +375 29 106 9896, e-mail:

Контактные телефоны: +375 17 289 5681, +375 29 106 9896, e-mail: