Evaluation Criteria for the Competition for Media Representatives

Evaluation criteria

  • relevance;
  • reliability;
  • completeness and consistency of information provided on the topic;
  • compliance with highest professional standards for media materials and genres of publications;
  • originality and persuasiveness of publications, duly expressed author's position, creative findings;
  • depth of analysis;;
  • activity of the author (group of authors) in covering the BelCCI activities.

One winner is selected in each of the Contest nominations.

However the Contest Jury has the right to select a different number of winners in the following nominations:

  • in the nomination "The Best Printed Media Author" - up to 4 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican/Industry Media", "Regional/District/City Media", "Foreign/Interstate Media", "Author of Analytical Materials");
  • in the nomination "The Best Group of Authors on Television" - up to 2 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican Television", "Regional Television");
  • in the nomination "The Best Author on the Radio " - up to 2 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican Radio", "Regional Radio").

The winner is the participant whose contest materials most closely correspond to the contest topic and objectives and which received the highest evaluation by the majority of the Contest Jury members. In case participants get equal number of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the Jury is decisive.

In each nomination of the Contest, it is possible to reward also those participants who did not become winners of the Contest, but whose materials were noted by the Jury.

The Jury may decide to award the Grand Prix of the Contest for a special merit in achieving the Contest Objectives.