Попробуй качество на вкус

Malorita Preserved and Dried Vegetables Plant, Open Joint Stock Company

  • Production of baby food and canned food for general purposes: products under the trademarks "Toptyshka", Samberry. "Toptyshka" is a modern brand of baby food that combines exclusively natural ingredients and high-tech production, stable quality and availability. The company produces baby food in glass jars of 190 and 100 g, flexible packaging made of combined materials such as "POUCH" 90 g. "Samberry" produces natural healthy juices and nectars, the consumption of which will help maintain health and beauty, increase the body energy level. Products without fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

  • Витрюк Юрий Иванович, Director

  • ул. Заводская,9. г.Малорита, Брестская область, Республика Беларусь, 225903

  • +375 1651 207-11