Exhibitions of 2023. What exporters should focus on

№ 4, 2022

Job title: Director of "Belinterexpo" Exhibirion Enterprise of the BelCCI

Participation in international exhibitions and expositions remains one of the most effective tools for promoting products to foreign markets.

Over more than 20 years of its activity, the exhibition enterprise "Belinterexpo" of the BelCCI has organized about three hundred exhibition events abroad. We have developed a kind of a quality standard for foreign exhibition events organizing in terms of design, construction and decoration of exhibition stands, preparation and holding of the business program to accompany the events.

Made in Belarus expositions have become a hallmark of the Belarusian export. Traditionally, leading exporting enterprises present their novelties, best products and services at such exhibitions.

Our specialized exhibition slogans also contribute to the promotion of exports on international platforms. Under the brand "Belarus – the Taste of Nature", food manufacturers regularly take part in the largest international food exhibitions in the CIS countries and the Asian region. "Belarus – high quality, reliable partners" is well known to industrial, woodworking, petrochemical enterprises at exhibitions in Asia and the African continent.

Collective expositions have a number of undeniable advantages compared to individual participation in exhibitions: such expositions are given priority places in the pavilions, they are visited by political elite representatives and outstanding businessmen, they enjoy increased attention of key visitors and distinguished guests, and they receive wide media coverage in different countries.

The national element is present at such expositions in the general design of the expositions, as well as in the elements of the cultural program. Accompanying business events (conferences, seminars, presentations) with the participation of entrepreneurs from different countries help multiplying the economic effect for the participants.

The exhibition company "Belinterexpo" provides comprehensive solution to all organizational and technical issues related to the preparation and holding of such exhibitions and expositions, which enables the exponents to concentrate directly on their main tasks and functions to promote products and services rather than on thinking about any organizational problems.

Dozens of successfully executed exhibition projects with a wide geography are added to the Belinterexpo's portfolio year by year. And every year we monitor, which markets are in priority for Belarusian manufacturers, which niches in these markets can be occupied, and we analyze the participation in past years. Based on the information received, we form calendars for the future period.

That is how the Belinterexpo's calendar of exhibitions in foreign states for 2023 has been worked out. At the moment, it includes more than 40 exhibitions in more than 20 countries.


While forming the plan, we focused on our traditional main partners, such as the Russian Federation and the EAEU states, as well as on the existing and promising partners in the "far arc" states – in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Despite the peculiarities of the political situation, we do not discount the European markets and, if possible, we plan to return to the largest European exhibition venues in the medium term.

A number of events (in Algeria, Egypt, China, Russia, Serbia) are planned to be included in the Plan of National Exhibitions (Expositions) of the Republic of Belarus in Foreign Countries, to be approved by the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

At the same time, it should be especially noted that for the first time Belarus will take part in the international industrial exhibition
"INNOPROM" in Yekaterinburg with a large-scale national exposition and in the honorary status of the "Partner Country".

Diversified exhibitions, in which enterprises of any industry can take part, will be held in 2023 in Zimbabwe, Algeria, Syria, Armenia, Mongolia and Côte d'Ivoire.

Exhibitions for food industry enterprises are widely represented in our calendar. Traditionally, we have been participating in Gulfood exhibition in the UAE – the largest annual food exhibition in the world, which will be held in February in Dubai.

China has been practically closed to entry for two years, but gradually the exhibition activities are resuming, and we have very high expectations of this region. In addition to the traditional exposition at China International Import Expo, we offer companies to participate in the largest food exhibition SIAL in Shanghai, as well as in a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Belarusian expositions of agricultural machinery, fertilizers and food products are planned to be organized at key food and agricultural exhibitions in our traditional partner countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (in ­
Nur-Sultan and Astana), Georgia, Russia and Uzbekistan), as well as in Egypt, Türkiye, Nigeria, Singapore, Brazil, Angola, Oman, Qatar.

Engineering enterprises, manufacturers of equipment and industrial products, research organizations and other companies are invited to participate in exhibitions in Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Uzbekistan. Specialized exhibitions in China and the UAE might be interesting for organizations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals production, exhibitions in Kazakhstan and Russia – for woodworking industry players, and expos in Russia, Azerbaijan and the UAE – for petrochemical industry representatives.

We recommend all Belarusian enterprises regardless of the field of activity and departmental affiliation to participate in exhibition events abroad. Despite the difficult geopolitical and epidemiological situation in the world, participation in all exhibitions and expositions of the calendar is estimated highly possible. The Belinterexpo specialists are always ready to give advice and answer organizational and other questions related to participation, to solve complex problems and help exhibitors achieve results.

At the same time, it should be noted that the effectiveness of participation in exhibitions depends primarily on the exhibiting enterprises themselves. Therefore, I would give some practical advice on what the exporters planning to take part in the events of our exhibition calendar need to pay attention to.

Exhibitions and expositions in foreign countries, especially national ones, have both economic and political significance. Such events need to be prepared and held at the highest quality level.

Exhibiting organizations need to carefully prepare for upcoming events in advance: work with foreign companies to arrange individual meetings at the stands, inform potential customers about the planned participation, invite partners from neighboring countries to visit the stand at the exhibition.

It should be born in mind that the employees to work at an international exhibition should be fluent in foreign languages, primarily English, as well as be able to provide maximum information about the company's products, logistics, delivery conditions, and other nuances.

We recommend that the companies consider renting more exhibition space, depending on the number of employees and the amount of additional equipment, since our practice has shown that there were individual cases of "piling up" of equipment and furniture at exhibitions, as well as the situations with too many employees in a limited space. And this complicated the maximum representation of enterprises and hampered the negotiations

And, surely, it is important not to stop working after the end of the event: to keep in touch with the companies you established contacts at the exhibition, bring the preliminary agreements reached to their logical conclusion, implement the signed contracts or other documents on cooperation. Then participation will be beneficial not only for the present of the company, but also for its future, will become the key to long-term partnership with foreign companies.

And we at Belinterexpo will be close to Belarusian enterprises anywhere in the world, striving to increase their success.