Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod: quality traditions, advanced projects, perseverance in achieving goals

№ 3, 2023

The products of the Open Joint Stock Company "Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod" (Rechitsa Hardware Plant) are well known in the markets of Russia, the CIS and in European countries. Nails, screws, nuts, wire – these are only some of the products in a wide range of manufactured hardware. The constant demand for the company's products is primarily predetermined by the highest quality, ensured by the work of several generations of highly qualified specialists, the use of modern technologies, as well as constant technical re-equipment and modernization of the production facilities. The active work of OJSC "RMZ" in the export direction has logically resulted this year in another diploma of the "Best Exporter of the Year" National Contest in the category "Metallurgy".


Founded in 1912 by Rikk brothers, Vladimir and Boris, as a nail and wire producing enterprise, by today the Open Joint Stock Company "Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod" has become one of the leaders in the metallurgical industry of the Republic of Belarus, the largest domestic brand for the production of nails, one of the leaders of the CIS in special nails range, as well as the only company in the country performing automated hot-dip galvanizing of pipes.

Even under difficult sanctions conditions, RMZ OJSC has managed to stabilize production, reorient exports to the CIS market and achieve significant success in this field. In order to both strengthen its positions and further develop them, the company is constantly seacrching for new customers. Over the year, the client base in the Russian market has been enhanced, deliveries to the Uzbek market have increased more than six-fold, new contracts for the supply of products to Kyrgyzstan have been concluded, and nails have been for the first time delivered to Tajikistan.

As part of the effective work on export expansion, RMZ OJSC actively partakes in international exhibitions. For example, participation in the UzBuild 2023 exhibition in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, made it possible to negotiate with existing customers and reach an agreement on sales growth. Successful participation in the KyrgyzBuild 2023 exhibition in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, resulted in contracts with new customers, and the first shipments of 60 tons of nails were effected in May. At the same time the first delivery of nails to Tajikistan was also performed.

The successful operation of the enterprise and the production of high-quality goods are ensured by the ongoing renewal of the material base, the reconstruction and modernization of workshops, the development and introduction of new technological processes, the implementation of various investment projects.

"This year, we face serious challenges," Leonid Kazachenko, Chief Engineer notes. "In order for our plant to thrive and for people to be provided with work and everything necessary for a prosperous life, we have many plans and projects to implement."

Two most significant projects, such as "Technical reequipment of the nail production at RMZ OJSC" and "Construction of a galvanizing shop building", has already been completed.

99_14_04.jpg 99_14_05.jpg

The first project was aimed to replace obsolete equipment in order to maintain nail production volumes and reduce the cost of repair work, which is associated with high wear and tear of equipment. This was done without increasing production capacity, by minimizing the tumbling operation for finished nails, by acquiring machines with a trimming screening device and minimal ingress of oil on finished products.

The implementation of the project for the construction of a building to host a galvanizing shop will allow for an increase in production capacity in the near future and also enable the production of import substituting products. The main challenge was that this project was carried out under harsh sanction pressure, when one of the European companies, which had supplied the equipment as part of the project agreement, refused to fulfill the remaining contractual obligations, including installation, software and commissioning works. All necessary construction, installation and commissioning works were carried out in-house, and the software for the galvanizing line was developed by "System Automation" LLC, a company from Mogilev, Belarus. Despite all the difficulties encountered in imple­menting this project, the galvanizing shop has already been put into operation. The implementation of this project has made it possible to perform zinc plating not only on standard fasteners manufactured by the plant but also on zinc plated threaded bars up to two meters in length, which was previously outsourced.


In order to free up the production area, RMZ OJSC has also implemented the project on the reconstruction of the wood screw shop building into a repair and mechanical shop and a warehouse for finished products.

The project "Reconstruction of the packaging shop building into the drawing department of the fastening shop" is nearing completion. Besides, the project on facilities modernization and additional capacities creation for the production of hardware products is in process. Each project is meant to increase production volumes, expand product range and maximize the enterprise's profit.

RMZ OJSC actively develops its Internet resource. This work is focused primarily on increasing customer loyalty, as well as making cooperation with the enterprise convenient. Customers have personal accounts, where they can find information about their orders, products in stock, as well as about the novelties mastered by the enterprise. Technical characteristics of the produced hardware are also available.

The innovative activity of OJSC "RMZ" has resulted in the development of new products for domestic manufacturers, including coil screw, bracket screw, spring support, stator screw, cylinder screw, and others. All products are used in the design of the refrigeration compressors manufactured by the Baranovichi Machine Tool Plant, a branch of Atlant Inc.

Viktor Samonchik, Director of the plant, says: "By futher developing the traditions laid down by the plant founders and applying today's advanced technologies, our team is constantly working on improving the range and quality of our products and expanding our sales market. People are the main value and support in addressing the challenges we face – a team of professionals, dedicated to their challenging job, having a strong sense of duty and responsibility for the entrusted work, giving their rich experience and knowledge to everything they do.

Success certainly requires hard work. It is perseverance in achieving goals and intense work that allows becoming the best."