Quality education

№ 3, 2020

Job title: Rector of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, which began its activity in the 1930s as a pedagogical institute and changed its status 50 years ago to a university, celebrates its 90th anniversary. Today, the institution of higher education is the center of innovative development of the Gomel Region, harmoniously combining classical traditions with innovative solutions.


Due to the high quality of education, the close connection of educational activities with research, integration into the global information and educational environment, the university has made itself widely known not only in Belarus but also abroad. According to some international ratings, the university is among 13 percent of the best universities in the world and the top five of the best universities in ­Belarus. Today, F. Skorina State University is one of the leading classical universities in the country, famous for its scientific schools, outstanding graduates and good traditions. The high quality of education is proved by international quality management certificates.

The modern university harmoniously combines educational, scientific and industrial components. Accessibility, openness and universality of education favorably distinguish F. Skorina State University among other higher education institutions. The Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining, two research institutes and more than twenty scientific laboratories function here. After graduation from the university, students have access to the master's, postgraduate and doctoral programs. Scientists, graduate students and university students have the opportunity to publish their research results in professional scientific journals: "Francisk Scorina Gomel State University Proceedings" and "Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics". Currently, the university has 45 student research laboratories.

Gomel State University uses the latest teaching methods and is creative in presenting academic disciplines. At 12 faculties of the largest university in the region, training is being conducted in 36 accredited specialties of the 1st grade of higher education, 56 specializations and 27 accredited specialties of the 2nd grade of higher education. Besides, retraining in 11 specialties is being conducted.


GSU employs more than six hundred highly qualified teachers, including four corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 45 doctors of sciences, 233 candidates of sciences. Well-known scientists and experienced lecturers improve regularly their professional qualification abroad. They strive to transmit all their knowledge and skills to students.

The university has good material and technical base. Modern laboratories, classrooms are equipped with the latest computer equipment, teaching aids are as follows: multi boards, interactive whiteboards. There are free Wi-Fi points, copy robots in the educational buildings.

The university continues developing international contacts in the educational and scientific fields. Dozens of foreign delegations visit the university annually. Several cooperation agreements have been signed with educational institutions, scientific and educational centers of China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Vietnam, Portugal, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Joint master's programs at Gomel State University with the ­Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology and the Kursk Academy of State and Municipal Service function successfully. Studying at foreign universities, graduate students of F. Skorina GSU defend dissertations in ­Japan, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and become holders of international degrees and diplomas. The double degree program at the graduate school of Shizuoka University, Japan, works successfully. 

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Students and lecturers visit foreign countries regularly, participating in international conferences, scientific symposia and study visits, they undergo internship at leading universities in the world. The highly qualified staff of the university are known for their scientific achievements far beyond the borders of Belarus. F. Skorina GSU maintains close ties with 156 foreign universities from 28 countries of the world. Today, the branch of Gomel State University functions at the Shanghai Professional Institute of Industry, Commerce and Foreign Languages, and the Confucius Institute has been opened based on the university.

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University is the leader in the region in the number of foreign students. Students from 16 countries of the world are studying here, including from ­Turkmenistan, ­Azerbaijan, ­Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iraq, China, Israel, Russia, ­Vietnam, ­ Nigeria, and other countries. In 2020, the number of foreign university students has reached 1000. They organize various ethnographic holidays, exhibitions and festivals of national cuisine, which creates a unique multicultural environment, where there is an atmosphere of respect for different nationalities, a cultural dialogue is maintained. The university is regularly visited by international scholars of world renown who conduct educational courses, workshops and masterclasses in foreign languages for students.

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The university cooperates with several commercial and state enterprises. More than 300 local and foreign organizations are the basis for student practices and internship, including EPAM Systems, IBA Gomel, PA "Belorusneft", Gomel Technopark, and other. The high level of theoretical knowledge, practical skills acquired over the years of training make graduates of the university in-demand and competitive specialists. They successfully work in leading Belarusian and foreign companies, hold senior positions in government agencies, research institutions, banks, commercial and public organizations, set up their own businesses. Many students are offered employment while they are still studying.

A modern specialist must think wide and be creative – this is the task for future graduates of the largest university in the Gomel Region. Student life is in full swing here at any time of the year. More than twenty creative teams and thirty sports sections work at F. Skorina State University. There is student television, literature associations, a volunteer movement, vibrant festivals and competitions.

The 90th anniversary is a significant date for Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, with a unique history and rich education traditions lying behind it. Certainly, the university has achieved such outstanding results due to the dedicated, talented, responsible and hardworking people who work there.