The culture of wood board production

№ 1, 2022


JSC "Vitsebskdrev" specializes in woodworking, the production of wood-based panels. The technical capabilities of the enterprise allow processing up to 1000 m3 of wood raw materials per day. Own logging facility, the equipment of production sites with the machines of well-known Western European companies, as well as the waste-free technology used ensure deep and comprehensive wood processing – from forest harvesting to the manufacture of competitive finished products: MDF and HDF boards.


The products are exported to 34 countries worldwide, to the largest furniture and door factories. The stable growth of supplies is largely ensured by the quality of the boards produced, the ability of the enterprise to respond promptly to a wide variety of customer needs, the flexibility of the staff and its willingness to provide the most effective interaction conditions.

The main export tasks are to search for new marginal markets, improve products and maintain quality at all production stages. For example, in 2021, the company mastered the production of MDF boards of a new format, which made it possible to enter the UK market. The plans for 2022 are to be the first company within the Eurasian Economic Union to master the production of fire-­resistant boards.

In the Republic of Belarus, the products of the MDF workshop of JSC ­"Vitsebskdrev" have been recognized as the best over the past two years. The key to success is the high environmental friendliness of this material, as well as the impeccable quality, the compliance with national and international requirements.

MDF dry-process fiberboard is a slab material produced by dry pressing of wood fiber at high pressure and temperature. Carbamide resins are used as a binding component, which ensures low formaldehyde emission (emission class E0,5; E1). MDF is an environmentally friendly product; it is non-toxic and harmless to human health. The service life of the boards is much ­higher than that of other materials, including pure natural wood.

Due to the combination of its qualities, such as softness and strength, MDF is easily amenable to various types of industrial impact. Thus, the homogeneous structure and uniform density make the boards ideal for machining to obtain complex shapes and profiles. In addition, it is possible to mill cavities of various depths, curved holes and shapes on the board surface. These features are widely utilized in the production of furniture, furniture facades, including such with carving elements.

MDF boards are also widely applied in the manufacture of doors, for interior decoration – for example, in the form of wall panels, for the manufacture of countertops, as insulation. Besides, they are actively used in the production of speaker housings, since the homogeneous structure absorbs sound well.

Vitsebskdrev boards have the certificate of conformity of the National Conformity Assessment System of the Republic of Belarus, meet the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as CARB2 and IKEA IOS-MAT-0003 standards. Their safety is confirmed by the TSCA-2018-12-05-05, ­CARB-2018-12-05-04, IKEA-2018-12-05-06-IOS-MAT-0003 certificates. In addition, the California Air Resources Board, while monitoring the release of formaldehyde into the air, recognized the Vitsebskdrev MDF dry-process fiberboard as the MDF ULEF board, which is characterized by a constant ultra-low formaldehyde emission level.

An innovative product of the company is a moisture-resistant MDF board. Thanks to special additives, it can be used in high-humidity areas. JSC ­"Vitsebskdrev" is the only company in Belarus that has launched the production of such boards. They are purchased by companies working for IKEA, which confirms the high level of trust in these products and their environmental friendliness.


Another popular product is the ­MFB-MDF faced board. It is produced based on a classic MDF board by ­glueing decorative film on one or two sides at high temperatures and under high pressure. MFB-MDF is resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, abrasion, loss of color and brightness. Such a board is an excellent solution for furniture manufacturers because the film has a wide color range, different textures, as well as is available with a glossy or matte surface.

All of the board types mentioned above are commercially available in formats 2440x1830 mm and 2440x1220 mm, with a thickness of 12 to 38 mm. At the request of the customer, it is possible to cut other sizes of the boards.

The Central Factory Laboratory (CFL) of JSC "Vitsebskdrev" is accredited by State Enterprise "BGCA" for the compliance with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025B in the field of testing of finished woodworking ­products, environmental and radiation control, control of working conditions. The peculiarity of the CFL is that it is the only laboratory in Belarus that tests laminated floor panels for light resistance. Thus, the company can test laminated floor panels on all indicators that are necessary to obtain a certificate of conformity of woodworking products with national, international and European standards.


The CFL and its specialists take an active part in the work of the university, inter-university, regional and international scientific and practical ­conferences with the reports on the industry development trends, the organization of production control, the introduction of European and international standards in the industry, environmental problems, peculiarities of test laboratories accreditation for controlling the quality and safety of wood products.

The CFL closely cooperates with the St. Petersburg Forestry ­Academy, CJSC "VNIIDREV" (Balabanovo, ­Russia), Vitebsk State Technological University, Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, National ­Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Husbandry, S.N. Vyshelessky Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine, Belarusian State ­Technological University, and other scientific, educational institutions and organizations in Belarus and Russia.

The laboratory employees have published more than 200 printed works (articles, reports), received about 20 copyright certificates and patents in the Republic of Belarus.

Thus, the accreditation allows the CFL to monitor the compliance of wood products and boards with the requirements of European and international standards, essential requirements of TR 2009/013/BY, to fully implement the Action Plan for the certification of products of woodworking organizations, to monitor the quality of imported sheet wood materials coming to Belarus and positively influence the volume of exports and competitiveness of board products, to improve their quality and safety.

JSC "Vitsebskdrev" sets itself the task of achieving the highest indicators in the context of constantly growing customer requirements for meeting deadlines, quality, product range, document management excellence, as well as compliance with national and international standards. The company's employees are open to every client and build business relationships on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual respect.