Belarusian companies are reliable partners

№ 3, 2020

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been keeping the Register of Reliable Partners since the beginning of 2020. The Belarusian business entities are included in this non-state register as soon as the official information about them indicates their good faith as partners in entrepreneurial activities in the domestic market and abroad.

As at June 23, 2020, 63 business entities of the Republic of Belarus are included in the Register of Reliable Partners.

AVI Berry, Limited Liability Company

AGAT-SYSTEM, Otkrytoye aktsionernoye obshchestvo (OJSC)

Agrimatco-96, Industrial-trade unitary enterprise

Adani, Research and Development Private Unitary Enterprise

Antarion Group, Limited Liability Company


The International architectural work-room, Limited Liability Company

Arzinger and Partners, Limited Liability Company

ATLANT Incorporated

BelautoMAZservice, Joint Limited Liability Company

"BELAZ" – Management Company of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING", Open Joint Stock Company

Belaruskali, Joint Stock Company

BelAuditAliance, Limited Liability Company

BELGEE, Closed Joint Stock Company

"BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Centre" Republic Forwarding Unitary Enterprise under the Belarusian Railway

BelLogatex, Limited Trade Development

Byelorussian Steel Works – Management Company of "Byelorussian Metallurgical Company" Holding, Open Joint Stock Company

Beltelecabel, Joint Closed Stock Company

BusinessAdvisers, Limited Liability Company

Biocom Technology, ООО

(a limited liability company under the laws of Republic of Belarus)

Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov, Open Joint-Stock Company

VITEX, Closed Joint Stock Company

Gals Romix Partner, Private Production and Trading Unitary Enterprise

Game Stream, Joint Limited Liability Company

Gomelhimtorg, Open Joint-Stock Company

Granit, Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise

DORELEKTROMASH, Limited Liability Company

Automobile Trailers and Bodies Plant "MAZ-Kupava", Ltd

Plant of thermotechnical instruments, Limited Liability Company

INTERTRANSAVTO, Limited Liability Company

KAIANT, Joint Limited Liability Company

Kommunarka, Joint Venture Joint-Stock Company

Conte Spa, Joint Limited Liability Company

Light Well Organization, Limited Liability Company

Langheinrich Konfektion Bel, Foreign Limited Liability Company

Lekpharm, Joint Limited Liability Company

Manuli Hydraulics Manufacturing Bel, Joint Limited Liability Company

Machine-building Enterprise "KOMPO", Limited Liability Company

Minskzhelezobeton, Open Joint Stock Company

"Minsk Automobile Plant" – Holding Management Company of "BelavtoMAZ", Joint Stock Company

Minsk Sparkling Wines Factory, Open Joint-Stock Company

Minsk Bearing Plant, Joint Stock Company

MINSKINTERCAPS, Production Republican Unitary Enterprise

Mogilev Metallurgical Works, Joint Stock Company

Nor Dzmitry Alexandrovich, Individual Entrepreneur

Oblrapsagroservice, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Orsha Machine-tool plant "Krasny borets", Open Joint-Stock Company

Pinsk Meat-Packing Plant, Open Joint Stock Company

Production Association Belorusneft, Republican Unitary Enterprise

Production Association "Energocomplekt", Limited Liability Company

PromAgroPack-2007, Joint Limited Liability Company

Profmashtehnika, Limited Liability Company

Regula Ltd.

Respecta, Joint Stock Company

Rechitskij metiznyj zavod, Otkrytoje akcionernoje obshchestvo (OJSC)

Savushkin Product, Open Joint Stock Company

Belarusian-German Joint Venture "Santa Bremor", Limited Liability Company

Svetopribor, Unitary Enterprise of Public Association Organization "BelTIZ"

Slonim cardboard-paper plant "Albertin", Open Joint-Stock Company

TransExpedition, Joint Limited Liability Company

Holding Management Company "Belkommunmash", Open Joint-Stock Company

Fanipol factory of measuring instruments "Energomera", Limited Liability Company

ENEF, Joint Stock Company

There are more than 60 new applications from the business entities seeking to be included in the Register of Reliable Partners. The applications will be considered by the BelCCI as soon as possible. For detailed information about the Register, please, visit