BelEmsa: your health matters

№ 1, 2021

BelEmsa LLC is a Mogilev production enterprise with foreign private capital. The investment project was implemented by the ­Turkish company UCAR GROUP, which is engaged in the hotel business and other projects at home, while being the founder and co-founder of several companies of various profiles in Turkey and the Republic of Belarus.

The history of BelEmsa LLC dates back to 2011. It was then that the ­foreign investor launched a project for the production of personal care and hygiene products within the Mogilev Free Economic Zone territory. In the regional center, a facility with modern and high-tech lines for the production of disposable children's diapers under the "Senso Baby" trademark was built. The ceremonial launch of the production facility took place in 2012.

Later, a modern, fully automated production line for the production of sanitary wet wipes, which has no parallel in Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union, was launched. Due to the use of modern water treatment system, the napkins produced by BelEmsa LLC meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of their quality indicators.

The enterprise was established to offer quality products manufactured in Belarus to local and foreign customers at much more competitive prices than their foreign analogues; to increase the relative importance of domestic goods in the total turnover of the country and to contribute to the import substitution program implementation. And for nearly 10 years, "BelEmsa" manages to successfully achieve these goals by offering high-quality, modern and safe products at affordable prices. The company's product range includes baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, including those with an antibacterial effect, and wet toilet paper. Trademarks of ­BelEmsa LLC, such as "Senso Baby," "Senso Baby Ecoline", "Senso" and "Senso Med", are known not only in Belarus but also in 25 countries worldwide.

BelEmsa LLC pays great attention to social projects, regularly providing charitable assistance to public organizations, health care institutions, children's and specialized boarding schools, disabled people, supplying a part of its products to various organizations of Belarus for free.

The epidemiological situation in the world has increased the need for personal respiratory protection means – face masks. To fully meet the demand for such products, the management of BelEmsa LLC decided to re-equip the production facilities and purchase additional technological lines for the production of masks.

Today, BelEmsa LLC has four lines for the production of three-layer disposable masks, which allow producing about 4.4 thousand protection means per minute. All mask production lines are fully automated and are full-­cycle lines. The amount of investments for the project is more than $6 million, which is important in the current situation. New production lines allowed to create about 300 additional vacancies.

BelEmsa LLC produces three-layer masks from non-woven material under the "Senso MED" trademark. Without false modesty, the manufacturer declares it the most convenient and comfortable mask ever designed and manufactured in Europe.

All raw materials used in the manufacture of products comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements. When applied, the mask does not irritate the skin and provides high degree of protection against bacteria, viruses and other harmful influences, which has been confirmed by laboratory tests carried out in ­Europe and America while obtaining medical certificates. The mask also has a nose clip for a snug fit to the face.

The masks manufacturing technology includes wide ear loops that do not rub on skin and don't cause any discomfort during long-term wearing.

Manufacturing lines for the production of disposable masks were purchased with the aim not only to provide Belarus with high-quality products, but also offer export markets the protection means that meet all the established requirements.

The company exports masks to Great Britain, ­Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, ­Latvia, ­Lithuania, Poland, Russia, ­Serbia, ­Turkey, ­Uzbekistan, Ukraine. It is planned to develop partnerships with companies from the USA, Europe, Libya, Iran and Iraq.

The high quality and modern technological materials from leading companies of Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Italy, China, Germany, wearing comfort and, most importantly, reliable protection contribute to the fact that the demand for "Senso MED" masks continues to grow both in Belarus and abroad, which is a stimulating factor for the company to further expand the production facilities, purchase more equipment.

Today, "BelEmsa" plans not only to increase the production of its widely popular products but also to expand the range of manufactured goods.

The purpose of the company's work is to bring warmth and comfort to every household.