Natural taste and perfect quality have been at the forefront for 125 years

№ 4, 2022

Job title: Director General of JSC "Gomel Distillery "Radamir"

It all started with a wine warehouse

The long historical path of the enterprise, rich in landmark events, originates at the end of the 19th century from the wine warehouse in Novaya Belitsa, owned by Count Ivan Fedorovich Paskevich. According to the archival data, this wine warehouse further became Novaya Belitsa distillery – the ancestor of "Radamir".

The distillery in Novaya Belitsa withstood the vicissitudes of the Civil War, the Soviet Union formation. After the devastating Great Patriotic War, the factory not only recovered, but also significantly increased its capacity and production volumes. The anti-alcohol campaign announced in the USSR in the 1980s could hardly become an obstacle for the distillery prosperity.

Since 1964, Novaya Belitsa distillery has been referred to as Gomel Distil­lery, and in 2007 an original trademark "Radamir" was developed. It did not take long for this brand to become recog­nized in many regions.

"Today the enterprise acts as a reliable guardian and successor to the time-honored Gomel Region distil­ling traditions. At all times, its distinctive feature has been the use of exclusively natural ingredients. This is the only way we work to this day", Andrei Dzemidavets, Director Gene­ral of JSC "Gomel Distillery "Radamir"


Deserved recognition

The distillery provides the domestic market with a wide range of products, and also actively develops export potential. The supplies to the near and far-abroad countries have more than doubled over the past five years. Products under the brand "Radamir" are in stable demand everywhere, and economic indicators speak for themselves: the production capacity is more than 1.4 mln decalitres per year.

Andrei Dzemidavets answers the question of whether it is easy for the Radamir brand to defend its right to a place under the sun among alcohol producers: "It's not easy at all. Competition in the market is fierce, sometimes even cruel. But our success is based on a number of components. These are advanced equipment and the latest technologies, combined with original recipes. And, perhaps, the most important component is highly-qualified personnel. The team that has passed the test of time, devoted to the common goal and labor traditions. The team that supports the honor of the brand at all times and in everything."

The company's production capaci­ty utilization has increased by almost 20 percent for the five-year period preceding the anniversary year. Modern technologies help to reduce costs and the time needed for technological processes. "Radamir" was the first among the branch enterprises to introduce an industrial robot for feeding glass containers to bottling lines, which allowed to reduce manual labor and optimize work.

Production modernization, the introduction and improvement of technologies have made it possible to significantly expand the list of manufactured goods. At the moment, the product portfolio of the factory includes 15 trademarks and 36 positions. ­Classic and special vodka, balsams, sweet and bitter tinctures (infused vodka), liqueurs, brandy, cognac, whisky, drinking water are produced.

"Special attention is paid to the product design – the "clothes" that reflect the character, style and originality of each drink. In addition to traditional bottles, souvenir and exclusive ones are produced. These are the products for the elite, true connoisseurs and drinking culture experts," the Director General notes.

The brand recognition at the global level is evidenced by international awards received by "Radamir". There are more than 450 such awards, including those of the anniversary year. For example, the enterprise has been recognized the winner of the "Eurasia Spirits Drinks – 2022" and the "Best ­Product – 2022" authoritative competitions.


Results and prospects

"For any enterprise, 125 years is a respectable age. Significant progress has been achieved over the years. Our relatively small distillery makes a considerable contribution not only to the budget, but also to the development of the social sphere of the Gomel Region," Andrei Dzemidavets notes.

At the same time, according to him, the anniversary is a new starting point. "Radamir" will continue keeping to the age-old traditions, reaching ever higher results. "Over the years, the main goals, or mission, of the distillery have been formed by its staff, and every employee is involved in their implementation. Our priorities are reliance on history-based traditions, their revival; the formation of a civilized alcohol market, promotion of drinking culture among Belarusians; fair market competition; employees' confidence in the future; as well as reliable and safe production for end buyers around the world. This is what "Radamir" has always adhered and will adhere to."